Unlimited Texting

The PA legislature has finally passed a bill banning texting while driving.  Ironically, two hours after passing the bill, a local teenage girl was killed while driving and texting.  I don’t know how helpful the new law will be, because I’m not sure that prohibiting stupid, inconsiderate and reckless behavior is always the most effective method.  I do hope it will prevent another senseless accident like the one mentioned.

I think there are greater issues with texting.

Consider this: a woman caught texting in the middle of a wedding!  Oh, did I forget to mention it was the bride?!?!  That’s right! The videographer caught the bride doing a little one-handed texting under her veil – just after her father led her down the aisle.


So many questions! 


Who carries a cell phone in her wedding dress? 

Was she hoping for a text?

Someone needing directions to the wedding?

Maybe a last minute ‘proposal’ from a former boyfriend?

What text could possibly be more important than the most important day/moment of her life????

I wonder what the groom was thinking? (“I’m so glad she can multitask.”)

After they are married and she says to him, “Honey, can you turn off the TV, I need your undivided attention.”,  I can hear her husband’s response now, “Oh…like at our wedding?!”  She may not live this one down, but I do wish them the best.

My biggest concern with texting  is the general disregard/disrespect for the people around.  I have been in conversations with people who were texting someone else at the same time.    Is it too much to wait until you are done talking with me?  I realize that my conversation may be boorish at times, but please.

Though my conversation may not always be refreshingly stimulating, what would be the reason for texting while worshipping God?  (I doubt people are texting God, seeing as He invented “instant messaging” to begin with.)  It is a lack of respect for God.

I’m concerned that as we become more technologically driven we are losing the inherent values of human relationships and interaction – love and respect.  And if we lose those, we have lost everything!


In His Grip,



About terrylafferty

I am married to a beautiful Christian woman, Jennifer and I have 5 wonderful children. I serve as the minister with the North Hills church of Christ in Pittsburgh,.
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