I’m Trying to Understand

I’m trying to understand, I really am. When I look back over my life, I can sometimes understand why I did it. But as I’ve matured I’ve seen the delusion in my reasoning. So, I continue to be baffled when I see it in the lives of those who seemed to have gained prominence and achieved much success in life.

From Hillary Clinton, who recalled an event (running for cover under sniper fire) that never happened, to Brian Williams (NBC anchor) who is currently suspended for telling a fictitious story about his time in an Iraq war zone to Robert McDonald, the Secretary of Veteran Affairs, who was just exposed on national television for lying to a homeless special forces veteran by telling him that he too was in special forces, these high profile people felt the need to lie to others, but why?

These three individuals have reached great heights, if not the pinnacle of their respective careers, and yet none of them felt secure enough in what truly happened in their lives, so they invented an event that might make them look more credible, heroic, or honorable. Did any one of those lies help advance that agenda? Possibly…but at what cost? The cost of one’s career, or worse yet, one’s integrity?

The lesson I am learning from these stories is one about the human condition. It affects each of us, regardless of what place or position we have achieved in this life. Our successes and triumphs will never be enough to cover the insecurities that we carry around as human beings living in a fallen condition. The desire to impress others will always be at our doorstep because we are consumed about what others think of our resume, our accomplishments and our life in general. And it will be that way until we say, “It is enough.”

It is enough that I am a child of God! It is enough that God accepts me based on his grace, not my grand slams. It is enough to be loved by the King of kings and Lord of lords. I have nothing with which I can impress God.

I am persuaded that if we can be secure in his accomplishments, then there will be no need to enhance our own.

Can you say, “It is enough.”?

In His Grip,



About terrylafferty

I am married to a beautiful Christian woman, Jennifer and I have 5 wonderful children. I serve as the minister with the North Hills church of Christ in Pittsburgh,.
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