I am sitting here having watched the video and having read several accounts of the Oklahoma University fraternity Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s hate-filled, racist antics on board a chartered bus. I must confess that as I watched the video clip tears filled my eyes and there was a deep churning of disgust in the pit of my stomach. How can we be so educated and yet so ignorant?

 This is the next generation! Is this how far we’ve come? Now, I know that this is just one group at this school and it’s not everyone, but for goodness sake, one group is too many! We should be past this. We have all of the knowledge we need. If you prick our fingers, do we not share the same life-giving blood? Does not the same God-designed DNA run through all of our bodies, whether we are white, black or any other color? Haven’t we seen that there are brilliant men and women of every race and ethnicity? What will it take to move us past this outdated ignorance? If you look INSIDE, do you not see someone with the same hurts and hopes as you, the same insecurities and fears – someone who is looking for acceptance, just like you?

 There were at least two students who recorded the actions of those on the bus. And, I could be mistaken, but I have a suspicion that they did so because they did not agree with what was going on. It would have been nice if they had put a stop to it, but perhaps this will have a much more profound impact on the perpetrators and the rest of us who are watching from afar.

 When we live lives without God, or with a distorted view of God, the result is often “educated ignorance”.

 I pray that we, as a people, might begin to value life – every life – from God’s perspective. When we do that, we will experience the difference between walking in the darkness and walking in the Light and, oh what a difference! 

In His Grip,



About terrylafferty

I am married to a beautiful Christian woman, Jennifer and I have 5 wonderful children. I serve as the minister with the North Hills church of Christ in Pittsburgh,.
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